We are making a true wireless bone-conduction hearable with unique design for audio enthusiasts that want to listen to their surroundings and the digital world simultaneously in all sound environments of their daily life with superior sound quality for different hearing profiles.

We Are On a Mission

Tech of today, i.e. screens, headphones, tend to require complete focus of one or more human senses, like sight or hearing; Auricle is a novel, design- and health-conscious personal audio electronics device that promotes awareness, communication, safety, hearing and fun in everyday life situations.

Innovative Design with Superior Sound Quality

What if a headphone doesn't need to look like a headphone? What if there are nearly zero rules to design how a hearable device should look like? What if given all that, it still sounds amazing and is experienced completely differently than what is available out there?

Lifestyle: A Fresh Start

Imagine a life in harmony with the present moment and what is going on around you. Now, imagine that reality with an added layer of endless possibilities. Auricle is all about being in the here and now with an extra layer of augmented audio reality that effortlessly enriches your every day life experience.

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